Riders, nature, freedom lovers

Colombian Riders has adventure, sense of freedom and a deep respect of nature and local people in its DNA.

Adventure, because motorbikes and two wheels in general are the best way to get anywhere, quickly, efficiently

Freedom, because riding is a emotion in itself, weither it is on a motorbike, bike, surfboard… Riding will get to your feelings, and might change your way of life

With the respect of nature and people, because we support local project and local population (Caravan tour) and we emit 4 times less CO2 than any 4×4

We created this project from Europe with the idea to offer a different style of holiday. We reject any concept of mass tourism or Club Med Style. We offer private and grouped tours that never exceed 8 motos.

We love what we do, we love Colombia, we love sharing ! Shot us a message and get the adventure injection needed !

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